old security financial group

Old Security Financial Group

Old Security Financial Group is an independent,  full-service financial firm committed to helping individuals and businesses identify and reach their financial goals. Old Security Financial Group is a FDIC deposit broker company.

At Old Security Financial Group, we can help locate the best rates from banks nation-wide! We are licensed to offer multi year guaranteed annuities, index annuities, and tax free estate planning life insurance policies 

Founded in 1998, Old Security Financial Group has been serving the community of Houston and its surrounding areas by building long-lasting relationships founded on mutual trust and respect. We provide our clients peace of mind and a more successful financial future through a proactive approach in preserving your assets.  


Old Security Financial Group is committed to integrating the most professional service in the industry with our safe-money approach and provide our clients access to unparalleled service and extensive product knowledge on the different annuities that are available for your investments. 

Old Security Financial Group has helped thousands of individuals and their families with safe-money alternatives, becoming a trusted partner in reaching their financial goals.  


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